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  • General Statistical Consulting
  • Inter-disciplinary Project Teams
  • Mentoring in Statistical Methods


  • Design of Experiments
  • Quality Control Methodology
  • Analysis of Complex Data
  • Data Mining
  • Linear and Non-linear Modeling
  • Variation Analysis
  • Reliability Modeling
  • Optimization
  • Sampling Problems
  • Statistical Software
Design of Experiments, Quality Control Methodology, and Variation Analysis are the tools of much of
industrial product development and stewardship. Indeed, all three are a part of the overall Six Sigma
Principles and methodology.

    Design of Experiments Can:

  • Reduce product development cycle time through the use of powerful experimental techniques.

  • Quantify your technology and identify important variables that drive performance.

  • Find synergistic effects and use them to leverage product performance.

  • Optimize products so that they perform well under multiple or conflicting customer requirements.

    Quality Control Methodology Can:

  • Monitor and control important quality characteristics in a proactive manner.

  • Determine process capability to make sure that your process can reliably run within specification

  • Check process repeatability and reproducibility and determine the proper sample size for quality
    assurance testing.

  • Implement "turn key" application programs for quality reporting and management.

    Variation Analysis Can:

  • Find sources of variability within a process and rank them in order of severity.

  • Reduce overall process variation by improving process points that have excessive variability.
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