David S. Schwarz & Associates is an organization that provides technical consulting on the
use of Design of Experiments, Quality Control Methodology, and the Statistical Analysis of
Experimental Data. Since its founding by David S. Schwarz in 1997, it has provided high
quality, results driven solutions for many clients in the chemical and allied industries.

We are an organization dedicated to bringing results to the client's bottom line.

Many of todays' technical problems defy intuitive or simple solutions and applying the tools
and methods of the past doesn't always solve these problems. If this is your situation, you
often find yourself facing missed project deadlines, reduced product quality, and cost

Modern statistical methods such as design of experiments and statistical process control are
powerful tools that can help you leverage your technical efforts providing you with a better
understanding of your technology, more rigorous planning of projects, increased likelihood of
success, and higher quality products.

                                                                                      ....people are data rich, and knowledge hungry.
David S. Schwarz & Associates
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