•       Solved a developmental problem involving excessive variation in the performance of an
    electrical pumping device. Provided the client with critical information on the factors controlling the
    rate of pump output, as well as the variation in that output. The result is a more consistent pump with
    adequate pumping rate.

  •        Assisted a client in the identification of causes of defects in polymer films and a
    characterization of the statistical distribution of defects. The result was a better understanding of the
    manufacturing technology and the method used to count defects.

  •        Performed two large repeatability and reproducibility studies for a client that:  1) identified a
    major source of variation in their quality control test procedures and, 2) showed that one of their
    more important tests was not capable of producing reliable results. The result has been a major re-
    evaluation of their testing programs.

  •        Worked on a cross functional team to develop a new product for the construction industry based
    on a new technology. Provided statistical expertise through design of experiments and analysis of
    data that took the project from initial screening of materials to multi-response optimization of the
    prototype product. Employed state-of-the-art design and analysis methodologies.

  •       Provided statistical support for an international team involved in product quality litigation. Used
    design of experiments and advanced analysis techniques to establish quality differences between
    raw material types while controlling for other mitigating factors.

  •        Performed a data mining analysis on a client’s quality control database which involved hundreds
    of inputs. Multifactor statistical analysis identified four factors that accounted for recent customer
    complaints. Subsequently, correction and control of these factors resulted in no further problems.

  •        Developed a ‘turn key’ quality control application involving a standard QC package that extracts
    quality data from a central source, and then charts it using a customized charting routine. Emphasis
    is placed on identifying out-of-control conditions via pattern recognition.
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